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6 min readJan 27, 2022

Host: Hello Micheal welcome to The Mega Ventures community

Micheal: Thank you

Host: Let’s start the AMA session, Are you ready?

Micheal: I am ready


Host: 1. First of all please introduce yourself to Mega Ventures Community. Write “Done” when you complete the question.

Micheal: iSwap (, is a cross-chain transaction aggregator protocol with fast speed(up to 3 seconds), low cost and low risks.

iSwap deploys aggregators on several public chain to support 50+ DEXs and 5,000 Tokens, and live on ETH, HECO, BSC, OEC, Polygon, Fantom, Avax, Solana and Arbutrum.

iSwap’s mission is to enable users to enjoy the lowest transaction fees/slippage, the fastest speed, the largest tokens quantity while they complete cross-chain transactions.

Host: 2. How and why did your team decide to establish iSwap?

Micheal: Well, the DeFI has been popular for nearly 4 years. The needs of assets exchange between different chains has been growing greatly.

However, when the iSwap team entered the DeFi world in early 2021, we were surprised to find that cross-chain transactions were still complicated and low efficiency.

As you know, the time is money in DeFi, and iSwap hopes to provide hundreds of thousands of DeFi users with a better cross-chain experience.

Moreover, our team has a strong background and technical support in IT, network security and development, which can ensure that iSwap can bring convenience to users, so iSwap was launched in early August.

Host: 3. The 3 seconds cross-chain is the slogan of iSwap, would you like to introduce a little bit about it?

Micheal: Yes, the fastest cross-chain speed can reach 3 seconds, and 90% of users can complete the cross-chain swap on iSwap within 30s. This is the first time that the cross-chain transaction time in DeFi reached second level, it’s a milestone breakthrough.

Our mechanism is actually very simple. iSwap deploys positions on these supported public chains firstly, and monitor the cross-chain request of the original chain through the Relayer. After the exchange of the original chain is completed, the cross-chain request will be forwarded to the target chain quickly to execute the transaction. The relayer can carry out the request within 1 second.

Host: 4. Yes, it is really fast, most of the users are attracted because of 3 second cross chain time and iSwap has been growing rapidly in the last 4 months. Can you give a summary briefly?

Micheal:Yes, for sure. iSwap officially launched the beta version in early August by supporting the cross chain swap between HECO and BSC. During that time, iSwap collaborated with HECO and Huobi Wallet to launch LuckyHECO events and Welcome New Users to Huobi Wallet Event to establish the iSwap earlier users.

On September 6th, iSwap was launched officially, supporting the cross-chain and single chain transaction between 5 chains (HECO, BSC, ETH, OEC and POLYGON). At the same time, iSwap received millions of investment from Huobi Ventures. To celebrate the official launch, iSwap collaborated with Mdex to launch the “Cute Elephant” Speed Challenge Event. This is the event which enables more users knowing and using iSwap as their cross-chain platform.

On December 13th, more DeFi users use iSwap as cross-chain platform, cause iSwap increased 3 more chains to make total supported chain to 8 chains, and we cooperated with the projectors on each chain to hold events to attract more users on corresponding chains.

The bridge function is also integrated in this updates, 1:1 exchange, 0 slippage experience, the USDT single trade amount limit is also increased to $500,000, offering users’ smooth transactions experience.

On January 25th, iSwap ushered in an upgrade again. USDC and ETH were added to large orders and the limit of single cross-chain is up to $500,000, which offers users’ smooth transactions experience with 0 fee and 0 slippage. At the same time, the single chain swap is included in this upgrade as well. Usually it only use one DEX for trading but it will change totally will the new version launch.

iSwap will match the best DEXs automatically, which means it will divide each order into several DEXs to minimize the slippage. Undoubtedly, this upgrade will reduce the cost for our users.

Host: 5. Wow, congrats, it is glad to know that more functions are integrated in iSwap. Aside the new version launching, any rewards for users?

Micheal: Yes, to celebrate the launch of the new version, iSwap launched an event from now to the Spring Festival. During the event, users trade USDC, USDT and ETH for large orders will the 0 fee. Moreover, single chain swap is also free during the event. I could not tell you more until you experience by yourself, on iSwap, you will enjoy a smooth transaction with the lowest cost and 1:1 token exchange with 0 slippage.

Host: 6. Thank you for bring such a big reward to our users. I believe that the users will love the new version. Beside, our users are interested in iSwap following-up product development, would you like to talk about it?

Micheal: Yes, iSwap team will continue to upgrade its products. In order to meet the users demand, iSwap supported arbitrum, Fantom, and Avalanche chains this month. However, it is far more than enough. iSwap is going to support Solona, Terra and TRON these three chains in Q1 to meet more demand of the users. In addition, we are also preparing for cross-chain aggregation transactions to find the best transaction path for users to save their transaction costs. I believe it will not be too long.

Host: 7. Would you like to introduce the iSwap official information channels, so that we can follow iSwap to get more events and upgrading information?

Micheal: Welcome everyone to to join and follow iSwap community! The links are as follows, we will release the latest events and upgrading information in our official channels. Welcome to participate the event and following iSwap to get latest information, thank you again!

You can find iSwap and participate in our event through the instant exchange and Dapp of various wallets. We have reach cooperation with projects, such as TokenPocket, Huobi Wallet, Bitkeep, Nabox, ONTO, imToken, Coin98, Cherryswap, Butterswap, Channels, Jswap, Coinwind, etc.


Q1. When will your tokens be listed on the exchange and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future?

Question by Shandisaxon54

Micheal: iSwap doesn’t have tokens. So not able to buy iSwap tokens. Welcome to join @iSwapCom to get more news.

Q2. Is Your Platform Suitable for Crypto Beginners? Or Does It Only Limited For Professional Users?

Question by altafft

Micheal: Yes. iSwap is specially for new beginnings and same addresses swap, to avoid the mistakes.

Q3. Important Question: Trust and security is very important for the project so what is the Audit status of your Project??

Question by Sophia3320

Micheal:i Swap is audited by Fairproof and Certik.

Q4. What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?

Question by IrvingClose

Micheal: 3 seconds Cross chain swap. Safe and lost cost.

Q5. What are your top 3 things with high priority in this year? Do you have plans to attract and gain more users for #iSwap? Does your project have any giveaway, referral or stacking program?

Question by GabyLane

Micheal: Supporting more chains, DEXs.

Host: Thank you so much for the very detailed answers!


Micheal: Q1. What are the 3 key features of cross-chain swap of iSwap?

Answer: Safe, fast, low cost

Answer by Joebitcoin

Micheal: Q2. What is the fastest CrossChain time?

Answer: 1 second

Answer by williamxbt

Micheal: Q3. How many chains does iSwap support in the latest version?

Answer: 8 chains

ETH, HECO, BSC,OEC, Polygon, Fantom, Avax, Arbitrum

Answer by Alexaxbt

Micheal: Q4. How many tokens are supported by iSwap now?

Answer: 5,000 Tokens

Answer by Hartlyuno

Micheal: Q5. Please list at least 5 partners of iSwap.

Answer: Coin98, Cherryswap, Butterswap, Channels, Jswap, Coinwind

Answer by Rosexbt

Host: Thank you so much for the very detailed answers!

I would recommend to our community please join iSwapCom social media channels for more updates

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