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Host: 1. First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when you started? What is your role in PANDORA?

Rosy: I am Rosy, MD, together with @Evandro_Yoong, MM from Pandora, we handle marketing and partnership.

After a long time using normal DEX, we figure out that normal DEX is sometimes quite boring and hard to use, so we create Pandora to bring the community a totally brand new experience and DEX.

Evan: Hello everyone, I’m Evan and I’m in charge of marketing execution for Pandora project! I’m glad to be here today to share everything about the Pandora

Host: 2. Pandora uses a dual-token (PSR and PAN) model. What’s the purpose behind a DUAL-TOKEN system? Can you state the utilities of both PSR and PAN?

Rosy: I am very happy to share about Pandora dual token mechanic.

Pandora adopts the dual-token model that is both rewarding and deflationary. The reward token PAN is aimed at ensuring users are better incentivized for their participation in the protocol. The governance token PSR has a relatively low total supply of 10 million tokens with a deflationary burning mechanism and anti-dumping tokenomics.

The majority of total PSR supply is dedicated to community development (32%) and liquidity (10%), while another huge portion of its total supply is allocated to protocol development (15%) and ecosystem growth (15%).

Only 15% of the total PSR supply is set aside for the team behind the project. PSR tokenomics are well-designed with an anti-whale and anti-dumping mechanism that helps protect investors from heavy losses.

🌐Visit our website to learn more about the project:

We will have a big Airdrop next week, up to 18k token, value 2$/ token, come and join us.

Host: 3. How can you ensure for us that holding your token is more beneficial in the long term?

Rosy: The burning mechanism of $PSR ensures that as Pandora’s user base grows, fewer PSR tokens will exist in circulation, and the token will thus become scarcer and more valuable over time.

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Our team will be focusing on expanding Pandora’s ecosystem and optimizing PSR utility in order to increase the token’s scarcity even further.

Host: What is your plan to increase the demand and scarcity of your token?

Rosy: We will focus on expanding Pandora’s ecosystem and optimizing PSR utility. We have all the PSR’s utility in this image.

Hope you guys have more information about PSR and PDR ecosystem. :)…

Host: 4. What is the development direction of Pandora on decentralized finance?

Rosy: Pandora’s vision is to become a next-gen decentralized launchpad and incubator for early-stage NFT gaming projects.

In order to achieve this objective, we will be launching our IDO platform along with implementing a large-scale marketing campaign in quarter 1 of 2022.

In quarter 2, we will also be implementing our voting system as well as introducing an advanced lottery system along with an improved NFT marketplace.

And for quarter 3, we will be focusing on developing local communities in order for the project to reach a wider audience worldwide.

Host: 5. What is the release schedule of PSR?

Rosy: Pandora aims to have a fair launch of its governance token PSR, a mechanism specifically designed to avoid whales.

There is no presale of PSR. As mentioned previously, 42% of its total supply is dedicated to community development (marketing) and rewards (including 10% directly transferred to the jackpot pool as rewards) to keep Pandora in the eye of the community and the general public.

We will launch with 10% of the total supply of PSR permanently locked as liquidity on DEXes.

Ecosystem growth, protocol development, and partnership extension take up 30% of its total supply.

And finally, 3% are reserved for our upcoming public sale, making PSR a community-oriented token.

The PSR public sale is set to take place in mid-April and will be hosted on Pandora IDO Launchpad. There are up to 2400 slots available, with an allocation between $300–500 each!


Q1. Do you have an AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that its security becomes more secure and reliable?

Question by Camnityna

Rosy: PeckShield has recently completed a rigorous audit on Pandora’s smart contracts, and we’re happy to say that there were no critical issues found.
Let’s see what PeckShield has to say about Pandora in its audit report:

Let’s see what PeckShield has to say about Pandora in its audit report:

📃Read up on PeckShield’s detailed smart contract audit report for the Pandora protocol:

Q2. Which are your marketing and promotion plans for onboarding new users to Pandora IDO Launchpad?

Question by ripu17363

Rosy: We have many KOLs on our list and different key players/major partners in the gaming industry. These relationships allow us to expand our reach globally and enter diverse communities with ease.
The first phase of our project will focus on building partnerships with key media outlets, publishing in major crypto publications, and working closely with KOLs to organize livestreaming sessions. In addition, we plan to engage more traditional marketing methods such as organizing workshops and conferences for the community at large.
During the second phase, we will be running several social media campaigns across platforms, including Telegram AMA, Twitter KOLs, and Facebook Ads amongst others.
In the third phase, we will be launching the Pandora Upstarter — an incubation program dedicated to finding the next big thing in the GameFi sector. The judges, aka assessment committee, is made up of top-tier experts in various fields, ranging from gaming, finance, investing, tech, to blockchain.
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Q3. List us the mandatory solutions Pandora offer to the cryptocurrency?

Question by nahidnahid2279

Rosy: The chart below reveals the various ways in which Pandora enables all users to benefit from participating in the protocol.

🌐Visit our website to learn more about the project:

Can you list 1–3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Question by chaunceyhuey

Rosy: Pandora is a unique blockchain project with many distinctive features that set it apart from other DeFi projects in the fast-moving DeFi space.

Now, let’s explore each of these awesome aspects that together make up the Pandora protocol, There’s a whole new world at Pandora for you to discover. You will be able to explore an uncharted space named PandoVerse, where new possibilities are endless. This decentralized, unparalleled universe is sure to boost your DeFi experience to a new level.

PandoVerse is brimming with hidden gems and magical PandoBoxes in every nook and cranny. It is also home to potent DroidBots…

Moreover, with Pandora, DeFi trading has become a rewarding and lucrative experience for all.

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Q5. What are your upcoming plans for the community and as well with the ecosystem?

Question by Novry09

Rosy: We’ll be cooperating with the media, influencers, and bloggers. Furthermore, our team will be hosting a wide range of crypto events on a regular basis, including AMA and Q&A sessions in collab with worldwide crypto communities, game tournaments, art contests and other social media contests, as well as airdrops amongst others.

We will also be expanding our partnerships with other high-quality projects to extend our reach and influence even further in the DeFi space.

We believe that the core element of this community expansion is about products, so every effort has been and will be made in creating an interesting and beneficial DeFi experience for all users through Pandora’s constantly improved offerings.
It is worth mentioning that 2% of the total supply of PSR are set aside for airdrops. We will soon be organizing an exciting series of massive PSR airdrops in collab with credible and popular airdrop platforms, including CoinMarketCap.

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Host: Thank you so much @sysycrypto for the very detailed answers!

I would recommend to our community please join Pandora social media channels for more updates

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